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MySwimPro is a mobile application that delivers individualized swim training and tracking for masters swimmers and triathletes who are focused on improving their performance and health.

The company is an inception of my passion for the water merged with my technical experience growing startups and coaching across the aquatic spectrum.

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Challenge Detroit is an urban revitalization project bringing together individuals of various intellects and backgrounds from our own backyard and across the country to come together to live, work, play, give and lead in Detroit by uniting with area companies, non-profits and cultural institutions.

My unique role is to translate Challenge Detroit’s vision into digital content, promoting our program to the other Fellows, our host companies, non-profit partners, Detroit, and the world.

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SwimSpray chlorine removal spray safely eliminates chlorine odor and irritation from your hair and skin. SwimSpray is simple to use, safe, and effective for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

By developing an integrated marketing strategy that incorporates web, video, graphics and event promotions, we were able to increase brand awareness and better reach to our target audience.

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Sigma Luminous is a full service LED lighting supplier committed to providing cutting edge lighting solutions and best in class services. LED lighting is a different way to light a space, so we have to think differently to get that done.

The objective was to explain and show the importance of the product’s color tuning technology. The lights allow for interior light to better mimic what’s happening outside and help keep you closer to your natural circadian rhythm, our biological sleep/wake cycle.

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The Grand River Creative Corridor, also known as “GRCC Detroit”, is an art corridor and neighborhood revitalization project concentrated on Grand River Avenue between Rosa Parks Boulevard and Warren Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. The project involves over 50 volunteer-artists from across the world in an effort to transform Detroit’s infamous Grand River Avenue.

We created a digital media and community outreach campaign  to enhance public visibility and support fundraising efforts for the non-profit.

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The Fine Art For Kids education program provides the opportunity for children to excel and boost their self-confidence through the medium of art in a fun and exciting environment. Students learn how to channel their creativity through the creation of a multitude of projects.

We developed a communications and financial plan that allows the program to continue to grow. The program now features jewelry making and classes for adults.

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I started a business called: AquaLab HD Stroke Analysis.  The service is designed for serious competitive swimmers looking for the next step to reach their goals. Clients receive a DVD with an in-depth analysis of their technique, fluid mechanics and tips for improvement. Swimmers can individualize their plan to meet their specific events and stroke specialties.

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