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Challenge Detroit

Challenge Detroit is an urban revitalization project bringing individuals together to live, work, play, give and lead in Detroit by uniting with Detroit area companies, non-profits and cultural institutions.

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One way Challenge Detroit applies its marketing strategy, is by documenting team challenges through video and sharing this content on its social channels. Another way is by hosting monthly twitter parties.

Twitter Party (Explained):

  • These monthly “TweetChats” take place on a challenge Friday to increase awareness of the program’s work and to encourage productive discussion and idea generation. The subject of the conversation is dependent on the current team challenge (EX: Revitalization through community art).
  • These 1-hour virtual chats are open to anyone on twitter. In the first twitter party, we reached over 20k accounts discussing revitalization through community art. In our second twitter party, we generated over 600k impressions discussing bike safety and parking in Detroit!
Twitter Party Infographic tweetreach OCTOBER
Twitter Party Infographic tweetreach NOVEMBER